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by Jorge Fleming

"Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend" -Corey Ford

K9 Training Specialist in Columbia, MD

No more struggling with rude, ill-mannered dogs!

We at K9-Training Specialist take great pride in the specialized training we provide. We are not your typical dog training company. We are not a franchise. We are not a breeder, nor do we offer boarding services, grooming services, daycare, board, and training, or the basic cookie-cutter training that one finds at your local trainer or the large pet chains.

All we do is train!

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K9-Training Specialist

Few things in life are guaranteed! Our training is one of them. Unlike other trainers, we stand behind our training method and will refund your money if you are not truly satisfied. We are committed to you and your dog.

K9 Training Specialists
K9 Training Specialists

K9-Training Specialist will work with the handler and their canine to develop the highest performance between them and their companion. Where most trainers train in ½ to 1-hour classes held in warehouse environments, we train in the real world, namely urban and city environments.

We specialize in real-world obedience, competitive sports, and breed-specific test training. K9-Training Specialist trains all dogs as if they were working K9s and not just pets.

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K9 Training Specialist

Jorge A Fleming is the owner and founder of K9-Training Specialist. Along with Amy Ticer, we have made it possible for hundreds of dogs that pass through our company to enjoy and be trained for different purposes.

K9 Training Specialist

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