Ryan Watson

Professional Trainer

Ryan Watson - Professional Dog Trainer

Ryan discovered a passion for working with and training dogs after retiring from the United States Army in 2019.  Since retiring, Ryan has worked with Jorge and Amy, utilizing Jorge’s companion-based training method to develop his young GSD (German Shepherd Dog) who had confidence issues. 

Ryan has achieved success with training multiple disciplines, such as advanced obedience, formal retrieve, and scent work.

Through Ryan’s years serving in the military and obtaining his Master of Science in Psychology, he greatly appreciates a K9’s importance in supporting troops, as well as the emotional support and companionship a dog can provide.  

Ryan currently works as an apprentice under the supervision of Jorge and Amy. He supports all of our clients by developing engagement and a solid foundation for handlers and their K9 companions.  He believes it is essential to build trust between the handler and his/her dog.  Nothing is unachievable once the team learns to trust each other, developing an unbreakable companionship.

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