A really awesome game of "Hide n Seek"
Search n Rescue thru the eyes of a dog

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Hi my name is Andreas Vom Merkle but most people just call me Goose. I am a 2 1/2 year old Deutsch Drahthaar.

A What?

I know, I know, I get that all the time. I’m a German bred versatile hunting dog, there aren’t that many of me around so I won’t blame you for not knowing. Don’t expect however, to see me on the cover of the Dog World or even Dr. Fosters catalog, that’s just not going to happen. Those magazines are all reserved for the so called K9 Supreme Race, the Labs.

Ha! Yeah Right, Whatever! Or as my ancestors would say Vat Eber,

Anyway enough about myself, I am writing this article, actually I’m not really writing it because I’m a dog and can’t type so I’m really just dictating it to a friend who is putting pen to paper for me.

My story started back in August of last year, that’s about 6 months ago for those of you that can’t do the math. Anyway, my dad started adding this really cool game to all the boring obedience exercises he always has me do.

Little does he know, that when he puts me on a sit stay and turns his back and walks away I always move just a little, then I crack up inside because he has no I idea of what just happened. I love messing with him like that.

Anyway, he started taking me to different places and introducing me to all these really nice people who love to fuss over me. At first glance, I know most people are thinking, What an ugly dog! But I like to consider myself the handsomest of all ugly dogs, Queen of the all Pigs if you will.

All the people who belong to this club are really supportive of each other and really care about putting together the greatest Hide n Seek game ever. We always arrive a bit early to a predetermined place, then once everyone gets there the guy in charge usually calls a huddle with everyone wearing the same government issued uniform, I’m guessing. Everyone then disappears into the woods. All us dogs just get left in our vehicles until were brought out one by one to play this game.

It turns out that all these people that wander off into the woods are actually hiding for us to find them. OMG! How cool is that?

Anyway, I know you’ve noticed that I start every new sentence with the word “anyway” but that’s just cause I don’t want dad to know that I’m actually smarter than he is. If I had started this article with the likes of “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” beats the Dicken’s out of me what dad would do.

There is however, a part of the group that really concerns me and that’s the guys that sit around this alter with antennas and give constant orders into what sounds like a large speaker that seems to follow us everywhere. Man! You can’t shake these guys. When dad checks in with them they always repeat what he says, now that’s weird. Seriously? Not to alarm anyone but coming from Germany it gives me creepy flashback nightmares.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that we never really get to meet any of the other dogs but I can hear them and their cries, “Goose, I want you in the worst way” at least that’s what it sounds like to me, kinda makes me feel like pulling up on all those fine ladies with my chest out and say “What up Ladies? Goose here”

Anyway, We get to seek in buildings, under bleachers, and in big concrete tunnels, open fields and wooded areas, Man! It’s awesome.

Regardless, of how difficult the group tries to make things, this new game is awesome! I get to run full speed thru the woods, usually at night wearing a vest with lights looking for some cold sap who has my toys and will greet me like the paparazzi when I find them. They cheer and go nuts when I find them and play retrieve and tug with me. What more could a Drahthaar ask for.

I hope you like my article and share it with others so other dogs get the chance to play an awesome game of “Hide and Seek”

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